A downloadable game for Windows

Memini is a deck-building game where you can only look at your cards one at a time.

Your deck consists of ten cards, and old cards can be swapped for new, hopefully better, cards. You will have to remember where your strong and weak cards are placed. Your deck is shuffled between turns, so it will take a while to get to know your deck.

Place cards on the table to match your opponent's value. Any deviation above or below results in remaining points hurting your health. Can you make it all the way through level 10?


  • Left Mouse Button - Click & drag.
  • Right Mouse Button - Hold to see the value of a card.



Memini.zip 19 MB


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That's  a nice little game. Thanks.

That's nice to hear :) 

This is a very neat game!

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I've enjoyed this game greatly. It may be not expandable, but it plays very well.