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Post-it Peppin' is a SLAP-EM-UP TYPING GAME about staying motivated and learning to love yourself.

You play as an office worker with difficulty staying motivated and believing in yourself. To solve this you fill your monitor with encouraging post-it notes. But this type of motivation is fleeting, and you soon find yourself frantically grasping for that last sliver of self-esteem to get through the workday.

This game uses only a mouse for controls. It is strongly recommended that you use an actual mouse while playing, instead of for example a touchpad.



KEYBOARD = typing

MOUSE = pick up fallen post-its

As part of the 2018 Shenanijam this game goes for the following achievements:

  • Maverick - Your team size is 1
  • Mozart - compose your own music
  • Ergonomically Horrifying - The controls for your game put the human body in some strange positions

(Version 1.3 includes a balancing update. After getting feedback on the game I noticed that it was possible to complete the game without ever having to pick up any post-its. Post-its that fall off the screen now give a bigger penalty to your motivation, but to increase your chances of catching them in mid-air, they now also fall slower.)


Post-it Peppin 1.3.exe 5 MB


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great job on the game


Very well done

(1 edit)

Thank you! I see you made TWO games for the jam??? :) Haven't had the time to try them yet, but I love the art style of the bear-throwing-stuff one!

I Dont Normally Rage But Good Job On The Game 

VERY well played! :) And thanks for playing. You were my first play tester, and you made me notice that I wasn't very clear in my instructions that you could/should use the mouse to pick up fallen post-its. So thanks for helping out. You did finish the game without picking up a single one though, which is very interesting and certainly challenges my design concept. Anyways, I put in those instructions and re-uploaded the game.