A downloadable game for Windows

The Hootenanny mansion is built on top of a native american goat cemetary.

The ghosts of goats of old haunt the lawn and threaten to ruin the family's award-winning but delicious roses.

So they've called in Father Jobe Merrin, the estate's gardener/exorcist to stop the goats and prepare a place for them in heaven, using his Holy Bible.

Meanwhile, the lawn still needs mowing. This is done with a robomower. However, it's old and broken and Father Jobe Merrin needs to use his rake to rotate it if needed. He can also teleport it back to the start using his Bible. If the mower rolls over a poop from the family's dog, it loses speed. Jobe's workday ends when the robomower reaches its charger.


Garxorcist 1_4.exe 6 MB


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Windows 95 compatibility trick worked for me too.

I got it to work by running it in compatibility mode (windows 95).

That tickles my retro sense... Nice to see it wasn't completely broken, though I hope most people will be able to play it as-is.

Oh no! I'm just getting a black screen why I try to open this game, I am running widows 10, I hear sound but can't see anything, I hope that helps you debug the upload.